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The BRAND LEARNING head office is based in Burgoine Quay on the River Thames, in South West London, with consultants based around the globe and project coverage across 50 countries. We help our clients prioritise and leverage the core drivers that help deliver tangible improvements in marketing capabilities and performance across the full range of marketing, leadership and enabling/interpersonal skill areas.
- Tailored Programmes
- Marketing Leadership Programmes
- Facilitated Marketing Solutions

We offer a unique blend of expertise in both Marketing and Learning. We build enduring, strategic relationships, working in close partnership with our clients to capture and leverage marketing best practice. Our aim is to create tangible changes in the way organisations and people work so that they can become more effective in driving demand-led growth and delivering superior customer value.

The Brand Learning Partners Limited was founded in the UK in July 2000 and started trading as BRAND LEARNING on 1st November 2000.
Marketing consultancy

Burgoine Quay, South West London,
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2 February 2011


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