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UK trade info feedback

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The UK trade info is part of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) responsible for producing trade statistics. These statistics record the movement of visible goods between the UK and both EU and non-EU countries. These data make a significant contribution to the Treasuryís Balance of Payment calculations, which, in turn, impact on the Bank of Englandís interest rates.

HMRC data is the most complete, authoritative and up-to-date information on UK imports and exports available anywhere. Information is taken directly from returns and reports required with every export and import consignment.

We compile trade statistics on goods leaving and entering the UK. Trade with non-EU countries are known as Exports and Imports; for EU trade the terms are, ^Dispatches^ and ^Arrivals^. One of the reasons for this distinction is that non-EU trade is collected from actual ^Customs declarations^, while the EU data are collected via a survey known as Intrastat.

HM Revenue & Customs,
3rd Floor Central,
Alexander House,
21 Victoria Avenue,
Southend on Sea,
SS99 1AA.

2 February 2011


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