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University of the West of Scotland feedback

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On 1st August 2007, the University of Paisley and Bell College merged to create Scotlandís biggest modern university with campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton and Paisley.

With almost 20,000 students and just under 2,000 staff, the University is unique in its geographical coverage across the West of Scotland.

Our campuses offer relaxed and welcoming settings and provide a wide range of academic and social facilities to ensure our students get a well-rounded University experience. Merger brings greater sustainability and resources and will help us to enhance the learning environment for our students.

The University is committed to providing students with the best possible facilities to support them in their studies. Each of our campuses boasts a well-stocked library plus computer laboratories with free e-mail and web access.

Ayr Campus,
Beech Grove,
KA8 0SR,
info at

2 February 2011


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