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Nexen Petroleum UK feedback

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The North Sea is a significant area for Nexen. Currently Nexen’s UK proven and probable oil and gas reserves are 311 mmboe. At the end of 2008, our UK proven oil and gas reserves accounted for approximately 15% of Nexen’s total proven oil and gas reserves.The UK North Sea is a key producing area. our assets include a 43.2% operated interest in the Buzzard field and facilities, a 41.9% operated interest in the Scott field and production platform, a 71.8% operated interest in the Telford field, interests in several satellite discoveries and more than 750,000 net undeveloped exploration acres.

We are a significant regional player with concentrated assets, infrastructure and exploration potential for future growth. our North Sea properties have high-margin reserves and production, diversify our global portfolio by adding strong assets in a stable jurisdiction.
Oil and gas exploration

801 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB,
Canada T2P 3P7

12 January 2011


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on 23 April 2016

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